Manzhouli City (China)

Manzhouli City is twinned with the city of Chita from 1999. ​Manzhouli is the port city which has one hundred year’s history. It was found in 1902.Because it lies at the key piont of Eurasian continental bridge,Manzhouli enjoys the high reputation as “The Window of East Asia.”

City honors

Manzhouli City (China)
Manzhouli was honored as “National Civilized Port” for three times consecutively gained“ Supporting Army and People model city ” for five times. It is the national advanced city in building spiritual civilization work and was also named as China excellent tourist city, the charming Chinese city and national civilized city.

The geographical position

Manzhouli is located in the east of Inner Mongolia autonomous region. It adjacents to the Russian Federation and Mongolia.It is located at 49°19′—49°41′N,and 117°12′—117°53′E. It covers an area of 730 square kilometers.The city was divided into the Sino—Russia Mutual Traded District, the Boundary Economic Cooperation District , national large-scale coal energy bases—Zhalainuoer District and provincial level Donghu District.Manzhouli lies at the key piont of Eurasian continental bridge. Railway, highway, aviation formed the integration of three-dimensional transportation network. It is the most convenient, most economical, most important land and sea intermodal thoroughfare between Bohai sea port and the Commonwealth countries such as Russia and Europe. Manzhouoi is the port that the key national construction, the priority development of land port and the first all day clearance port.


Manzhouli has a population of 300,000. The city inhabits the Mongolian, Han, Russian and other 20 ethnic groups covers It is the port city that brought three countries amorous feelings together and mixed Chinese and western culture together.


Manzhouli City (China)
In 2010,the GDP reached 12.7 billion yuan, has increased by 6% over last year.The total of foreign trade reached3.2billion. The number of tourists is 5.51million,has increased by 9.4%. Completion of the port volume was 26.11 million tons.。It bears 70 percent of land transportation tasks in Sino-Russian trade, and it is always ranking the biggest land port status in China.

International cooperation

Manzhouli is an international port city.Since 1988 state carried out the opening-up policy, Manzhouli launched exchange and cooperation with Russia,Mongolia,and other Asia,Europe,American Countries and places actively.

Especially on 28th June 1993,Manzhouli stablished friendly relations Krasnokamensk between the city;on 18th December 1993, Manzhouli and Ulan-Ude established friendly relations between the city; on 28th september 1999, Manzhouli and Chita established friendly relations between the city.

Manzhouli successfully holding The twelfth internationally acclaimed Ice and Snow Festival; Eighth The beauty contest; Ninth International tourism festivalSeventh Science and Technology Conferences and Exhibitions . Deepened between the citys of friendly exchanges and cooperation .Number of activities such as “sino-russia year” ,“year of languages”and the sino-russia's peace and development committee of the annual programme. Adjacent areas, established a regional coordination and liaison mechanisms and meet regularly mechanism to promote both parties in the economic and trade, tourism and other various aspects of the communication.SignedThe people's republic of china northeast and the russian federation the far east region co-operation in planning programfor Manzhouli with russia the neighbouring area of international exchange and cooperation provides new opportunities and challenges. Enter each activity of the Monglia-russia international exchange activities. 2010 Manzhouli won the honour of Communicate and cooperate from The Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and China International Friendship Cities Conference Program.

Urban development prospects

Manzhouli City (China)
Manzhouli is the most important land and sea transport Greater access and bear the Sino-Russian trade 60% of the land transport task.Was called “east asia, europe and the window of the portal ", is the most important thoroughfare connecting to russia and europe. Since 1992 ,it was approved as one of the first open cities by the State Council, Manzhouli enhanced exchange and cooperation with Russia . Especially Manzhouli is determined to state development and opening since test zone,Manzhouli firmly grasping the historical opportunity, we should focus on developing countries, comprehensive promotion to open level.

Present the air port has been formally opening to the peak we launched 11 air routes international and domestic, the passenger handling capacity is more than 180,000 man-time.The through capacity of railroads and highways port per-years to separate of 120 million tons and 3.5 million tons.Opened Manzhouli-Dalian Combined transport Train, The port to the 24-hour customs clearance

For a period of the Manzhouli, Advance of civilization, realization cross over the crucial.Manzhouli will speed up development of the important international trade, Export-Oriented manufacturing and cross-border travel base.Further promote the big customs, the greater coordination and build a big base, the big carrier and promote the harmonious. Manzhouli will have potential, the resultant set of the most powerful and charm, the most dynamic new image, a regional model of  Border city and urban development in the foreground.





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