Choibalsan City (Mongolia)

Choibalsan is twinned with the city of Chita from 1994. The origin of present Choibalsan was first founded by the initiative of Prince Minzhuurdorj who was royal blood-line man of Halkh Tsetsen Khan Sholoi /Wise Khan /. In 1826 were laid foundations of Administration building оf khoshun /Old Mongolian administrative unit/ and convents for religious activities.


Choibalsan City (Mongolia)
Later in 1923 by resolution of the People's Government 
Choibalsan  was originally named   "Bayantumen Khan-Uul" khoshun, since 1931 became  the administrative center of  Bayantumen aimag / province /.

In 1938 ,  by decision of the  Council of Ministers  of Mongolian People’s Republic   Choibalsan was officially renamed   "The  Bayantumen city’.

The aimag was created during the administrative reorganisation of 1941  by resolution  of  Presidiums of the Mongolian  Small Hural and was  named after twice hero of Mongolia, Marshall  Khorloogiin Choibalsan, who  was an prominent fighter for the independence and sovereignty of Mongolia. Beginning in 1923,  were  started the construction of  Choibalsan’s  first industrial facilities such as artel of handicraft manufacture, retail and petroleum bases as well as cooperatives, coal mine "Bayanbulag " , Cavalry Corps  and culture  and educational establishments  etc.

The period from 1960 to 1990 was years of prosperity and development.

During that period were  constructed an Adunchulun coal mining factory , thermal power  station and wool processing plants. The food production industry is well developed and is comprised  of meat processing factory, flour mill, and food processing.

Also were established Geological Expedition, Auto repair factory, Carpet factory, Departments of Utility   and Construction services.  As a result, the city became an important industrial and economical center.

Choibalsan city has a glorious history, in 1939, the city became the site of the pivotal battles of the war.  During the battle at Khalkh Gol river, the city meet Soviet-Mongolian troops  and supported them into battle and   Bayantumen withstood several bombing attacks by the Japanese Air Force, performing thus, a heroic deed and showing itself to be one of the most reliable bulwarks of the country. Choibalsan  has several museums and war memorial monuments  dedicated to Mongolian history and culture including that: The  Museum of regional studies, art gallery, museum of Hero of the Soviet Union, Marshall Zhukov,  obelisk of Soviet pilots, monument for  Mongolian solidars, Statue of Marshall H. Choibalsan, a national writer Damdinsuren, of Soviet pilot  Gastello and many others.


Presently, the  population of the Choibalsan is over 41.0 thousand.Out of total population  64.5  percent are   population   of the   working  age. Over 29.9 percent of the population of Choibalsan city  constitute children under  16 years and 5.6 percent-people over 60 years.



Choibalsan city is located in the east of the country,  655 km away from the national  capital Ulan Bator. The city  covers an area of 
​​28.3 thousand hectares and stretching over 20 km



In 2009
,  in honor of the 70 th anniversary of Victory in Khalkhin gol  by the a Mongolian  presidential decree Choibalsan city was awarded the ‘Medal of Military Power’.

At the national level Choibalsan city in 2006 was  awarded the title " Creative City", and in 2010 - the best "Green City" .


Management structure of  Choibalsan city
consists of Hural /Assembly/  of  Citizens Representatives  of Soum / county / Herlen  and Secretariat of the Governor.The mayor of city Choibalsan and Head of administration Kherlen soum carries out the obligations of the executive power.


Choibalsan City (Mongolia)
Choibalsan city -
major industries and economic  center of the Eastern region of Mongolia.  Several major industrial   enterprises located  in Choibalsan.

"Thermal Energy System of the Eastern region," Coal  mining company  ‘Adunchulun’ flour  and feed production company"Dornod Guril"  and meat processing company" Dornod ".

The food production industry is well developed and is comprised of a of meat processing factory, flour mill, and small-scale producers of bakery products, confectionery, dairy products, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. In recent years, small and medium sized enterprises have been rapidly expanding. The number of new businesses, which have opened in the last few years, is more than 140 companies which are operating in  various spheres of  industry.

Due to the favourable geographical situation the city  occupies strategic positions in socio economic development in the region.

Currently, there is an international airport with capacity of receiving 60 passengers per hour (the length of the runway is 2.8 km concrete pad width of 40 m ).

Since  2009 started international regular flights between Choibalsan and Hailar.

Moreover, the Ulaanbaatar railroad sub-division Bayantumen provides services.By railway is exported zinc, coal and iron ore-concentrate to Russia and China.

In Choibalsan operates space system VSAT, high-speed cable system WLLand wiriless connection, through which can communicate with all countries of the world. The Dornod branches of G-Mobile, Mobicom, Skytel and Unitel provide wireless phone service.

City carried out its activities: the separation of mobile communications - Mobicom, as well as act Skaytel, Unitel and F-mobile.
Residents of the city Choibalsan available   telebroadcast local TV,, New Channel "," TV-6 "," Gegee "and more than 40 cable channels of domestic and foreign transfers. Also  receiving  daily  information from the local newspaper" Dornod ".
Currently,  the total  number of livestock  reached  122 thousand heads, of which 89.5%  are in private ownership, and only  10,5 percent are state owned enterprises.

There are several agriculture companies and farmers successfully operating: ‘Ulziit’, “Suun tsastal” in the river basin Kerulen .
Recently were established  many new hotel complex services, markets and business centre, including:”East palace”, “Bolor’, “Tushig”, “Kherlen Nomin”.

In framework of state program was constructed  and entered into operation  new buildings and towns  "Bumbat," "The town of miners” .


Choibalsan city is a regional medical and educational center. There are a Medical and Diagnostic Center, 6 Family Polyclinics, 11 pharmacies, the Center for Traditional Medicine, three family clinics, and in total more than 20 medical institutions with 900 physicians and medical workers, which are all working toward the health and well being for the people of  Dornod province.  Those three clinics with 38 physicians and nurses  provide primary care for over 40 thousand people of the Choibalsan city.

About 2500 students  attend the Dornod Institute, higher education institution, the Vocational Training  Center, and the Technical and Technological College to get qualifications in 27 fields such as mining and oil industry, teacher training, and etc.
35.4 percent of the population of Choibalsan city are children aged from 0 to 18 years. In the nine public and three private schools work 784 teachers and study 10,0 thousand pupils. And 1,810 children attend the local ten kindergardens.
The Musical and Drama Theatre, Youth recreation centers and the Central library serve local community.
Almost 40 percent of the city's population live in comfortable residential apartments with utilities and the rest live in private houses and gers.
The Youth square, the Burhan Buddha park, the Wrestling Palace and the Children's Center are most crowded places for leisure-time activities.
Last few years, with private entrepreneurs investments there in Choibalsan built many modern apartments, business and service centers which meet the requirements of urban development. Local creative people, businesses, and organizations make their contributions to the flourishing of their city. 


A foreign relations and cooperations took a significant place in the development and prosperity of the city of Choibalsan.
Neighboring city of Chita of ZaBaikal region of the Russian Federation, an Aginsky Buryat province, a  city of Jalantun Hailar province of Hulunbuir of Inner Mongolia of China, a city of
Manzhouli, New Barga Western and Eastern khoshun, a city of Rashaant of Khyngan province, a city of Kheze of Shandong province, and an outland city of Ferlax of Austria are made  big contributions in the development of our city.


Choibalsan City (Mongolia)
Choibalsan City is developing based in accordance of the City Development Concept/ Master Plan / to 2020.
For 2011-2012, in  Choibalsan will be commissioned many new buildings such as a Music school № 12, Drama Theatre, a new Sports Complex, a kindergarten, the Wedding Palace.
In the near future, is scheduled to construct a new 600 km Railway in Choibalsan- Saynshand direction, which allows to connect the Choibalsan city with the People's Republic of China and 330 km high-speed highway between Choibalsan and neighboring aimag Hentii.
Is planned to build new high-rise apartments.




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