Environmental Tourism

This section provides information about environmental tours that show unique natural places, natural monuments, habitats of rare plants and animals in Chita and in the region.

World watershed divide (Photo by O.V.Korsun)


Alkhanay National Park (photo by Lytsus A.I)
Sunny Zabaikalie, fabulously beautiful with its austere nature and striking contrasts, lies in the endless lands of Eastern Siberia. Alkhanay is one of the most attractive natural places of the region.

Alkhanay is a sacred natural temple of Northern Buddhism, and a unique natural area for water and mud treatment, spiritual renewal, environmental tourism and recreation.

Haatei Caves (Photo by O.V.Korsun)
The Southeast of Zabakalie is home to unique objects (monuments, caves, picturesque landscapes, habitats of rare and beautiful plants and animals, etc.) located at specially protected areas of federal significance: in the Alkhanay national park and the buffer zone of Daursky and Sokhondinsky state natural biosphere reserves. This area hosts unique archeological and paleontological monuments: rocks - outliers Adun-Chelona and Haatei Caves, monuments of Buryat national culture Tsugolsky and Aginsky datsans, etc. The territory is also famous for its curative sources (mineral springs, therapeutic muds).


Lake Arakhley (photo by Shemyakina A.)
The Ivano-Arakhley lakes have always attracted tourists with their picturesque landscapes, pure water and air, therapeutic mud, fishing, hunting, proximity to Chita (70 km) and transport accessibility.  The lakes are accessible by highway, improved earth road and well beaten country roads. In 2003 Ivano-Arakhley natural reserve had 196 cabin resorts and 10 sports and recreation childrens’ camps. Each year the lakes are visited by 163,000 people.

Chara nature (photo by Shemyakina A.)
This tour will take you to the natural monument Chara Sands (Northern Zabaikalye). During the tour, visitors will learn about the amazing Chara desert with real dunes, mineral water and even an oasis.  

The group will cross the desert located in front of the vigorous and austere mountains of the Kodar Ridge. At the end of the tour, the group will visit hot spring Luktur located 12 km away from Novaya.




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