Educational Tours

This section contains information about educational touristic routes of Chita and its surrounding region, and the companies providing them.

  • ​Trip to Aginskoe village (organized by travel company Best)

Aginskoe village
Aginsky okrug is often called the land of legends. Anyone who has ever visited it will be fascinated by its vastness, healing air and springs, rich forests and underground...

The people here carefully preserve their national traditions and customs. During the tour you will visit the Aginsk Datsan (Buddhist university monastery) – one of the most revered datsans in Russia and a unique architectural monument of Buddhism.


Haatei Caves (Photo by O.V.Korsun)
The Southeast of Zabakalie is home for unique objects (monuments, caves, picturesque landscapes, habitats of rare and beautiful plants and animals, etc.) located at specially protected areas of federal significance: in the Alkhanay national park and the buffer zone of Daursky and Sokhondinsky state natural biosphere reserves. This area hosts unique archeological and paleontological monuments: rocks - outliers Adun-Chelona and Haatei Caves, monuments of Buryat national culture Tsugolsky and Aginsky datsans, etc.  The territory is also famous for its curative sources (mineral springs, therapeutic muds).

World watershed divide (Photo by O.V.Korsun)


  • Great Tea Road in the Zabaikalye Territory (organized by travel company "DARTS")

Great Tea Road in the Zabaikalye Territory
Since 1689 when The Treaty of Nerchinsk, which enabled the establishment of peaceful relations with China was signed, tea trade between Beijing and Russia was carried out via Nerchinsk and further through Chita settlement to the centre of Russia.

Trade in Nerchinsk flourished until the 18th century. After that, Selenginsk and the later Kyakhta took trading priorities with China away from Nerchinsk.  Construction of the Trans-Siberian railway and the Chinese Eastern railway moved Chinese-Russian trading centre to Chita.


Chara Sands (photo by Shemyakina A.)
This tour will take you to the natural monument Chara Sands (Northern Zabaikalye). During the tour, visitors will learn about the amazing Chara desert with real dunes, mineral water and even an oasis.   The group will cross the desert located in front of the vigorous and austere mountains of the Kodar Ridge. At the end of the tour, the group will visit hot spring Luktur located 12 km away from Novaya Chara village.


  • Following Evenk paths (organized by travel company "Rus - tour")

Following Evenk path (photo by A.Shemyakina)
Walking ethnographic tour. The tour includes a visit to the family reindeer farm Tora. The group meets reindeer herders, loads reindeers and sets off up the Verkhni Sakukan river valley. According to the Evenk beliefs, while walking past the Sacrificial tree (shaman tree) every tourist has to leave a small gift near the tree.  When the group approaches a fenced border of the area each tourist has to do a purification ritual. The tour continues along river Verkhni Sakukan – in summer astride reindeer, in winter on reindeer sleds.




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