Active Tours

This section gives information about sports tours that can be interesting for extreme tourists, fishing fans and just people who love beautiful nature.

  • ​Kadala Palace Rocks (organized by travel company Best)

Kadala Palace Rocks (Photo by O.V.Korsun)


  • Horse trip 12 Springs (organized by travel company DARTS)

Horse trip 12 Springs
12 Springs are located in the Kyra district of the Zabaikalye territory 450 km Southwest of the regional centre and 96 km away from the district centre - Kyra village.

This area has strikingly picturesque nature. There are many cold and hot springs, 12 wells ranging from 50-150 meters deep, flowing silica, thermal sulphate-carbonated pressure water.  Peripheral nerve diseases, musculoskeletal system diseases and some dermatoses are treated here.

  • Rafting on Meza River (organized by travel company "DARTS")

Rafting on Meza River
The Meza River flows near Shotui village. The road to the village runs along the slope of a high mountain from which one can see the Menza River floodplain.  The height of the mountain and the river flowing at its foot will fascinate visitors.  Further on, the road practically approaches the riverbank, climbs hills and crosses village meadows and birch woods.  This is a unique area: although it’s well populated, it retained its natural beauty and richness.  Its rivers and springs are full of rare fish grayling, lenok, whitefish and taimen.

  • Altan. Equestrian tourism. Fishing. (organized by travel company DARTS)

Altan. Equestrian tourism. Fishing
Rivers Kirkun and Bukukun are called jewels of the South-Western Zabaikalye. They start in the Southeastern spurs of the Chikokonsky ridge and in the Southern spurs of the famous Sokhondo Mountains, and run through the mountain ravines. The tour starts with a car trip along the ancient caravan track which connects Russia and Mongolia.  The rout runs along magnificent mountain steppe, taiga, meadows riddled by numerous mountain springs and rivers - what else does a tourist fisher needs to be happy?

  • Water and walking trip on Chara River (organized by travel company Rus Tour)

Chara (photo by A.Shemyakina)
The Chara hollow is located in the central part of the Kalarsky district upstream river Chara between the Kodar (in the north), Udokan and Kalarsky ridges (in the south). It starts in vicinity of lakes Bolshoe Leprindo and Leprindokan and stretches to the Northeast almost to the Sulumatsky River Rift (Chara River) and has a branch to the east that runs along the Ikabiekan River Valley.

This easy trip includes rafting on Chara river and a visit to the jewels of the Chara hollow:  Chara sands, and thermal springs Hot spring on Arbakalir lake.

Kodar (photo by A.Shemyakina)
In the north of Zabaikalye above the swampy Chara hollow, rise the three-kilometre high peaks of the Kodar ridge.  The nearest 3000 m mountain groups can be found only in The Sayan Mountains or in the Indigirka River head - 1000-1300 km away from the Kodar. The area is strikingly beautiful with a steep alpine relief, numerous peaks with very steep hills, and modern glaciers (a rarity in the Eastern Siberia).

The trip offers an opportunity to visit Central Kodar in the basin of the Sredny Sakukan River. Make it to the Azarova glacier and climb to the Three Gendarm pass, visit the former Borsky GULAG labour camp and see the northern desert Chara sands. 




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