This section gives a schedule of trade fairs held by the “Zabaikalsky” Exhibition centre, the biggest exhibition centre in the region.

Zabaikalsky Exhibition centre

Address: 672010, Chita, 1 Lenin Street

Telephone numbers: +7 (3022) 33-44-66, 33-45-12, 33-46-02, 33-40-04

E-Mail: vcenter@yandex.ru

Zabaikalsky exhibition centre
Zabaikalsky exhibition centre, founded in 2002, is a full member of the Russian union of exhibitions and fairs. Every year it holds 13 to 14 exhibitions in various fields attended by exhibitors from Russia and abroad.

Exhibitions include various events such as round table discussions, conferences, official negotiations, press briefings, seminars, and workshops, presentations of companies, firms and enterprises. Nowadays Zabaikalsky Exhibition Centre LLC has over 3300 sq. meters of covered exhibiting capacities, and about 2500 sq. meters for open-air fairground. Its database contains over 50 thousand Russian and foreign enterprises.

The number of trade shows rises annually and the focus is gradually moving from consumer goods exhibitions to trade shows which are to shape commercial and economic policy of the region. The most successful exhibitions are Science and Education, Chitastroymarket (construction), Regionlesprom (timber industry), Architecture. Municipal engineering.Design, Frontier cooperation.

The Centre’s activity is regularly covered in the media, but its main contribution is the 50 offices of Russian and foreign enterprises opened in Chita. Currently there is an objective basis for growing interest of foreign partners in investing in the Zabaikalye Territory related both to the rich natural resources and development of international economic activities with frontier states. The proximity of the Zabaikalye territory to China provides valuable opportunities for creation of a big Russian-Chinese business centre.

Zabaikalsky Exhibition centre in cooperation with the regional government commenced expansion of the centre’s area and construction of a congress and exhibition centre.

Zabaikalsky Exhibition Centre is your reliable partner!

Plan of exhibitions and fairs for 2012


The 15 -17–th of February


The third interregional exhibition-fair. Higher and secondary specialized educational institutions. Offices.

The 29-th of February  -
 the 4-th of March


The eighth interregional universal exhibition-fair. Clothes, underwear, shoes, hosiery, perfumes, cosmetics. Equipment and care for your nails. Nail Design and Nail art. Confectionery. Clothes for children and adolescents. Toys, games, goods for children's creativity. Furniture, equipment for games and sports fields, parks. Medical and insurance services. Rest-homes, health resorts and recreation complexes. Centers for family planning and reproduction. Products for babies and pregnant women, baby food, hygiene products. Books for children and text books, stationery.

The 31-st

of  March

"REAL ESTATE - 2012"

The second specialized exhibition-fair. Estate agent companies. Building Firms. Investment banks. The companies which supply building   and finishing materials.


The 11 – 13-th

of  April


The tenth interregional exhibition-fair. Building and finishing materials. Building products and constructions. New tools and technologies. Building equipment, construction works. Joinery and hardware, windows, doors, shutters, etc. Water supply, sewerage, electricity, gas, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The 27 – 28-th

of   April


The third interregional exhibition-fair. Sport, hunting and fishing. Machinery, equipment, equipment for sport and tourism. Clothes and footwear for sports and recreation. Sports clubs and fitness centers.  Services of tour operators and travel agencies. Hostels, hotels, rest-homes, resorts, spas, business tourism. Hobby clubs. Creative teams.

The 5 – 6-th

of May


The sixth Chita specialized exhibition-fair. Seeds, seedlings, saplings and fertilizers. Plant protection against pests. Garden machinery, equipment and inventory. Hotbeds, greenhouses, garden furniture. Garden tools, trucks, hoses, swimming pools. Landscaping.

The 16 – 18-th

of May


The third interregional exhibition-fair in the ¼ final of the Russian championship in hairdressing. Professional cosmetics, machine cosmetology, medical cosmetics. Decorative cosmetics, mass market. Tools, accessories and cosmetic for salon services. Equipment for beauty salons, SPA-centers. Supplies, clothes for cosmetologists, nonwoven materials production. Equipment for hairdressers, professional tools. Hair products, wigs. Permanent makeup, tattoo, piercing. Accessories, bijouterie. Training centers in ​​beauty and design area.

The 8 – 10-th

of June

"CROSS-BORDER COOPERATION - 2012" Dates can be changed!!!!!!

The ninth international exhibition-fair. Light industry production. Construction and finishing materials. Food. Travel Services. Products for industrial purposes. International innovative projects. Investment projects.

The 18 – 19-th

of August

"GOLDEN ARE- 2012"

The seventh exhibition-fair of gardeners products from Transbaikal region.  Seeds, seedlings, saplings and fertilizers. Plant protection against pests. Garden machinery, equipment and inventory. Hotbeds, greenhouses, garden furniture. Garden tools, trucks, hoses, swimming pools. Landscaping.

The 5 – 7-th

of September


The tenth interregional exhibition-fair. Freight and passenger transport. Specialized and construction equipment. Service, parts, accessories, chemistry and car alarm. Construction and maintenance of roads, transport logistics. Insurance. Road service. Transportation services. Garage equipment and equipment for gas stations. Ensuring the safety of traffic.


The 19 – 23-d of  


The fifth interregional exhibition-fair. Textiles and accessories for dress making. Home and technical textiles. Equipment and technologies for the textile industry. Synthetic and natural materials and fabrics. Clothes for men, women and children. Leather and fur products. Component materials and fittings. Equipment and raw materials

The 22 – 23-d

of September


tenth interregional universal exhibition-fair. Agricultural enterprises production. Food, beverages, wines. Machinery and equipment. Handicrafts production. Household goods, household chemicals, home decoration. agricultural products, plants and seeds fair.


The first specialized exhibition-fair. Printing products, consumables an
d stationery. Outdoor advertising, illuminated and neon signs. Promotion of products at points of sale. Design and construction of exhibition stands and technical equipment. Modern advertising techniques and materials. News agencies, information services, marketing and consulting services. Organization of celebrations and corporate events by presentational firms. Mass media, publishing and web design. Photo and video studio, multimedia systems.

The 7 – 9-th

of   November


The fifth interregional exhibition-fair. Engineering and technical means of protection. Fire safety, safety equipment and security tools at emergency situations. Security and fire alarm systems, operational communication and alert. Industrial safety. Special technology of control and information security. IT - SECURITY. Complex (integrated) security systems "Intelligent Building". Means of providing investigative and forensic activities. Biometric security systems, hardware and software systems for medical and biological testing. Bank security. Collection. Safes and vaults. Non-state security structures.

The 7 – 9-th

of November


The fourth interregional exhibition. Information and telecommunication technology and electronics. Manufacturing technology. Scientific and technological developments and inventions. Computers and accessories, peripherals. Office equipment and consumables. Software, CAD. Network equipment and technology.

 Communication components and systems. Data transmission systems, local, corporate and global networks (equipment, technology), IP-telephony. Multimedia technology. GPS Equipment. Business and training literature. Automated control systems. Service centers.

The 23-25-th

of November



The third interregional exhibition-fair.
• Production of chemical production: rubber, rubber products, tires. Plastics, polymers and synthetic materials, synthetic resins, plastics processing. Chemical fibers and yarns.

Packing materials. Laboratory equipment and utensils. Products of forestry. Consumer Goods.

• Production of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy. Machinery.

Mining industry. Machinery, mechanisms. Cutting equipment. Welding equipment. Press-forging equipment. Technology. Tool. Hydraulics. Pneumatics. Drive technology. Components, equipment and tools. Devices. Electronic components and materials. Handling equipment. Industrial Automation. Repair and modernization of technological equipment, spare parts. • Energy-saving and resource-saving technologies and equipment for production and transmission of electricity and heat; energy-efficient technologies in industry, railway transport, agriculture, construction and other industries; machinery and systems of fuel, heat and electric power, water; cables, energy-saving technology. Electrical energy industry; electrical and lighting equipment; distribution pipelines; equipment for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Materials, structures, equipment (windows, doors, insulation, etc.) for houses. Energy management, energy audit.


The 19 – 23-d

of December


The eleventh interregional universal exhibition-fair. Clothes, footwear and hosiery. Perfumes, cosmetics, household chemicals. Furniture, household goods, furnishings. Household appliances. Home textiles. Stationery. Food and beverages. Christmas gifts, souvenirs, holiday sets. Holiday symbols: christmas toys, decorations, pyrotechny, toys, gift wrapping. Services for preparation and holding festive events.

Dates of exhibitions can be adjusted!




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