Industrial Chita

Chita is a large centre of the Zabaikalye territory; there are more than 8000 companies and organizations of various economic branches operating here, most of them are private companies.

The city has favourable conditions for entrepreneurship development, creation of new work places and improvement of living standards.

The industrial sector is represented by 682 companies. Large and medium size companies account for the largest share of industrial production in the city.  

The core of the city industrial potential is made up by 10 types of economic activities, the main being power, gas and water production and distribution, food production, production of equipment, electric installations and construction materials. 

Power, gas and water production and distribution account for the largest part of finished products.  Annual production of such companies amounts to 2.2 billion kW/hour of electric power, 3.6 million Gcal of heat power. The largest companies are TGK-14 OJSC and Chita Power Supply Company OJSC , Vodokanal OJSC and Oblgas OJSC.

In processing industries such consumer demand oriented spheres as food production, textile and clothing manufacturing, production of other non-metallic mineral commodities are actively developing.

Food industry is represented by a great number of enterprises. The variety of dairy products manufactured by Chita Dairy Factory OJSC amounts to 21 different items.  The major producer of beer and non-alcoholic beverages – Closed Joint Stock Company Chitinskie Klyuchi - supplies its products to the Buryat republic, Irkutsk and Amur regions, Khabarovsk and Primorye Territories, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Mongolia and China. The largest bakery producers are Open Joint Stock Company Chernovsky bread-making plant and Open Joint Stock Company Kenon. The city companies produce over 1.5 million tons of confectionery. The largest companies of this branch are Open Joint Stock Company Raduga and Open Joint Stock Company Vostok. Their product line exceeds 200 positions. The major supplier of fresh and canned products in Chita and Zabaikalye Territory is Open Joint Stock Company Chernovsky Ovoschevod. Domestic meat production is also developed in Chita.

Machine engineering has been an important part of the city economy for many years. Machine engineering is one of the fundamental branches, which supplies its product not only to meet the local demand but also produces a number of high tech products for the country and foreign consumers. The biggest enterprises in this sphere are Open Joint Stock Company Mashzavod and Open Joint Stock Company Central automotive equipment maintenance plant 88.




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